Get Instant Relief from Neck Pain with the Super-effective NeckRelax

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This neck hammock will remove tension from your neck and give you instant relief from neck pains and strains.

Neck pain is a common problem that could last for weeks or months if you can’t find an effective solution. But with NeckRelax, you can now get instant relief from chronic neck pain, no matter how long it’s been there.

Having pain in your neck can cause difficulty in relaxing, sleeping and moving your neck. It could even get worse to the point of getting you out of work for days.

Neck Pain Relief

The neck is composed of multiple vertebrae, nerves, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. A slight disturbance in one or more of these components can lead to neck pain, strain or tension. Meanwhile, work-related activities such as sitting for long hours, intensive computer use and sports activities can lead to straining the neck, pinching the nerves; causing tension and neck pain.

With NeckRelax, you can eliminate tension headaches, release your pinched nerves and relax into relief.

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Introducing NeckRelax

Looking for a simple, lightweight, portable neck hammock to instantly relieve you of neck pain? NeckRelax is a simple device designed to grant you instant relief. It gently stretches and relaxes the neck muscles, expands the intervertebral space of your spine and oxygenates your muscles, tendons, and ligaments altogether thus giving you relief from pain.

How NeckRelax Work

A slight pull to your neck will give an instant relief

This cervical traction device will lightly stretch your neck to reduce pressure on your spine by pulling your vertebrae. You’ll only need to place your neck on the hammock which is connected to a buckle. The NeckRelax device can be used while sitting, leaning back, or lying down. It is highly effective and gives instant relief with no side effect.

Increases blood flow around your neck down to your shoulders

Just within a few minutes of using this device, you’ll immediately notice an increase in range of motion around the most troubling part of your neck and increased blood circulation. The traction causes better blood flow around your neck and down to your shoulders, making you feel very much relaxed.

Neck adjustment, increased mobility

Once you get on with this device, you’ll notice that your neck adjusts itself, causing increased mobility to your shoulder blades, neck, spinal cord, and your entire body.

Relaxes your body, gets you to sleep

NeckRelax can get you to sleep in few minutes as it relaxes your body. People who have used the device have reported often find themselves falling asleep while trying to relax with it.

Portable, light, easy to use anywhere

The NeckRelax is light, portable and easy to use. You can take and use it anywhere; at home, office, or outdoor. All you need is a sturdy hook, rail or door handle to fix the device to.

How to use NeckRelax

You have complete control on how you’ll fix the NeckRelax device. You only need to ensure the buckle is securely fixed before you place your neck in the hammock.

You can jam the device buckle into a closed-door or loop it around a door handle, rail or hook. To ensure the buckle is secure, try to pull it to give it a tug. After that lie down on the floor, mat, rug, or carpet as you wish and place your head in the hammock. You can play your favourite music or use an eye mask to aid your relaxation.

Who Can Use NeckRelax?

Anyone can use the NeckRelax device. It can be part of your household first aid equipment. Neck sprain and injuries come up often and you don’t have to keep enduring the pain when you can own a device that can give you relief in ten minutes. More importantly, you will need the neck hammock if you do any of the following:

Sit for long hours behind a computer

Occupational commitments require sitting down for long hours behind a computer thus making it pretty easy to get neck pain. With NeckRelax, you can get instant relief before the problem gets worse. 

You are an athlete

Chronic neck pain can develop from strenuous workouts. This device is ideal to give you relief from nerve pain that might have been sustained during a game or training session. You can also use it to relax and be mentally prepared before a game.


Whether you are a painter or an electrician, chances are while doing your job, you might strain your neck. Keeping a NeckRelax device around you means that whenever you feel like your neck is getting sore at work, you can always get some relief before it gets worse.

While the NeckRelax device is an effective way of relieving neck pain in general, patients who are suffering from trapped or pinched nerves and herniated or bulging discs can also get relief using the device.

Is the NeckRelax Device worth it?

A neck hammock that can get you relieved from neck pain within a few minutes is definitely worth it. Moreover, most people on the internet think it’s a good value for money.

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