The Best 10 Anti-Theft Backpacks

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Imagine this situation: you’re carelessly going to school, work, heading towards the train, or aimlessly walk through a new city you decided to explore. Your backpack contains everything you need including your phone, wallet, keys, documents… You walk among the crowd and feel nothing suspicious, but next thing you know, your backpack is open, and all the valuable items are gone.

We know how it feels and we know how paranoid we are when comes to carrying a backpack in such situations.

This is why we decided to test and share info about some of the best anti-theft backpacks.

Our detailed guide will help you learn everything you need to know such as their pros, cons, how many secret pockets they have, their price and so on.

Before we offer you reviews for ten excellent and quite affordable backpacks, let’s just check a few of the things that makes them so popular.


An excellent anti-theft backpack has a perfect design, which means there are no extra pockets or zippers in the front, making your backpack an easy target (especially when you are commuting on the train or bus). Every pocket is secretly placed on the inside. Every part of such backpack is perfectly organized so you can neatly put everything you have to carry from books to wallets, computers, tablets, phones, keys, pens and so on.

So many pockets

Just because these anti-theft backpack models don’t have visible outside pockets, it doesn’t mean they don’t have any. Just open any of these models we review, and you’ll realize what we’re talking about.

They have many pockets, and perhaps you might not even use all of them (but it’s better to have more than less, right?). So, all your books, your laptop, phone, food, bottle with water, pens, and pencils even a piece of clothes, can comfortably fit inside without causing chaos. Smart design, right?

Ergonomic design

We know how horrible it is to carry a heavy backpack that doesn’t have a good design for your back, making your shoulders and spine ache. Our review list contains some excellent designs, made with padded backs and shoulder straps that reduce pressure and don’t cause any friction.

Besides they are practical, they won’t disturb your balance nor will put your spine and shoulders at risk, which can often be the case with backpacks (especially if they’re too heavy).


You must be wondering what we’re talking about, but hey this is the twenty-first century, and a person needs to charge their phone quite often. These backpacks can easily go as stylish laptop backpacks as well, but what makes them practical is that little USB port that allows you to charge your phone or tablet. We are especially fond of this trait.


Undeniably, you’ll feel much safer carrying your things, and we guarantee you that. Based on our tests, we can easily say that these designs are super comfortable, no matter how many items you carry.

Also, the pocket and the inside organization of the back is excellent for everything from books to computers.

These backpacks aren’t overpriced, which is an ideal thing for college students and young people (teenagers especially).

You can always put things in the secret pockets and even charge your gadgets in the built-in USB port.


Although we love the designs and they look super cool for both men and women and can help you carry your things wherever you go, the biggest drawback we found is that some of them lack the USB port and don’t come with a locker.

Our Reviews

1.    Multifunction USB Charging for men

We tested this model, and we give it thumbs up because it has superb design and can fit a 15.6-inch laptop; it will be safely tucked in and won’t take too much space because it has a special pocket for that.

The back pad is made of elastic material and feels excellent on the back, allowing you to carry heavier stuff (it won’t rip off). It has great dimensions (42x32x10 cm) and has enough pockets for everything. It also includes a USB port.

This is one of the best anti-theft backpacks that can efficiently serve as a computer bag, and we give it the title the best laptop backpack for traveling

Its price is beyond excellent, only $30.

2.    2018 New Mark Ryden Men’s Backpack

What we loved about this one is the design. It looks fabulous and manly, it’s big enough to carry many items and comes in deep black color.

Of course, you can use it for traveling, but also as a laptop bag and carry it anywhere you go. It’s fantastic that has many hidden pockets (in the shoulder straps for credit cards) and a USB port so you can always be sure that you’ll have your phone charged.

For a price of $33.99 you get a solid model with a soft back and organized inside.

3.    Mark Ryden New USB Recharging High Capacity Backpack 180 Degree Travel Bag

Super cool design, a bit larger than the rest models, this Mark Ryden is an excellent choice if you want to invest more money and have enough space for your 17.3 inches computer.

But that’s not the only thing; this is not just a stylish laptop backpack but a mini traveling bag that can fit a few pieces of clothes, a computer, some books and extra little things like wallet, pencils, and stuff like that. Naturally, it offers a charger and looks very urban and modern.

4.    Kingsons 15″17″ Laptop Backpack External USB Charge Computer Backpacks

You can get a smooth design, firm handle, comfortable back pad and shoulder straps, USB port, a place to put your computer and other things you want to carry for a reasonable price of $30.

We tested it, and we’re amazed by how cool it looks and how durable it is. The extra pockets and the secret pockets will win your heart immediately.

5.    NIGEER 17 inch Laptop Backpack For Men Water Repellent Functional Rucksack

We are happy to present one of the best computer bags for men but also an anti-theft backpack that has enough space for everything and by that we mean a laptop, books, clothes, and whatnot. Yes, this is a practical and comfortable model which you can use for short travel, vacation or just for your day at work or school. It doesn’t lack a USB port or secret pockets. We can easily say it’s a mini traveling bag with lots of style and superb price of $50.

6.    2018 Tigernu Brand waterproof 15.6inch laptop backpack

This is a cool unisex model that works excellent for teenagers but also for working adults who need to take many things with them (not just books, but computers as well).

Its double zipper and the locker will keep anyone’s hands off your properties, and you will always feel safe. The design is excellent and ergonomic (soft back pad) and the material is waterproof. There are enough secret pockets, but its biggest setback is the lack of USB port.

7.    Mark Ryden Multifunction USB charging Men 14inch Laptop Backpack

This cool design comes in three colors (black, grey and print); it’s not as large as the previous models, which makes it ideal for school and work and is made for both genders as well as for teens and adults.

MEK Ryden designed a model with USB charging port, several big pockets (including one for a laptop), secret pockets and ergonomic design that won’t cause you spine deformities or shoulder pain.

It has the most cost-efficient price at $15.

8.    Men Backpack Mochila Masculina Waterproof Back Pack

Are you one of those people who love hiking and camping? Then we have a superb model for you. This backpack will not let you feel overburdened thanks to its soft padded back and super-wide shoulder straps that balance all the weight equally.

You can carry anything from clothes, sleeping bag, even bottles of water or some food because it has a capacity of up to 35 liters. Don’t worry, there is also a separate pocket for a laptop if you have to carry it with you on a camping adventure.

Made of nylon, it will cost you only $11.

9.    Senkey Style Student School Backpack Anime Luminous USB Charge Laptop

Hey there teenagers (or anyone who feels cool enough to have one of the best designs and logos on their backpack). This Senkey backpack is ideal if you’re a student and need to have everything in your backpack; charge your phone, carry books, put your laptop and even some lunch in there.

We adore the design and we appreciate the USB port, the locker, the pencil bag and the USB cable (both gifts).

Pick your favorite fluorescent logo and enjoy your school year.

10.    2018 New Fashion Student School Backpacks Bag for Teenagers

This is a lovely and elegant design powered up with the comfort of the back pad and the shoulder straps. Although it’s suitable for teenagers, we don’t say that adults shouldn’t get it.

With its headphone and data cable, plus the USB charging port, this backpack offers much more than you can imagine. You’ll always have your things protected, your phone charged and your back free of pain.

Its price is incredibly affordable ($16).


We tested ten excellent and superb designs of laptop backpacks that offer everything a modern teenager or working adult needs – enough space for the gadgets (even clothes), USB charging port, secret places for money and cards, and above all, a design that doesn’t disturb the back and the shoulders.

We hope that our detailed buyer’s guide and our reviews will help you decide which one of these models is the ideal for you.

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